• Image of The Two Tenners [PDF]

"'The Two Tenners', which utilises Alexander’s 'Subconscious Switch', is one of the most breathtakingly ingenious routines I've ever come across. It's practical, brilliant and utterly baffling, and could be a stand-out item in any show or performance."
– Ian Rowland

Introducing the ‘Subconscious Switch’ – the switch that happens in the spectators mind.

This is Marsh’s unique method for knowing the serial number of a spectator’s bank note. A few different handlings and presentations are discussed each using his ingenious method - The Subconscious Switch.

Each presentation uses nothing more than two bank notes - yours and the spectators, and works anywhere with any currency and any denomination. The only stipulation is that you and the spectator must have the same type of note - so both of you have a £10 note, or both have a $20 bill, whatever it may be. Marsh neatly motivates this simple necessity within the presentation.

Both bills stay in view the entire time and there are no secret switches, devices, or sleight of hand used in this routine.

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