• Image of Smart Alex - Alexander Marsh Lecture Notes

This 83 page A5 size booklet contains the following effects as taught in Alexander's Lecture (which is available to book now by the way)

Death to the Envelope: The Lost Wallet Game & The 60/100 Chance (aka Transfer) 
- a bank night style effect without envelopes!

- Alex’s bold but practical billet technique to divine any 4-digit number.

Two Tenners 
- a unique psychological but foolproof method to perform a serial number divination (several variations taught)

Sixth Sense Ploy 
– a prop-less, visual, and dramatic way to reveal a thought.

Low-High-Tech - combination of classic methods and modern technology.

Folie A Deux (aka Delusion) 
– Predict almost anything – no pre-show, no secret writing, no secret assistance.

37th Deception Revisited
– the entire audience read the spectator's mind thanks to Alexander's unique twist on a classic psychological force.

Do I have to write it down? 
– Alex’s almost perfect answer to this question.

Business Card Peeks - The Ambitious Peek and Rub-A-Dub DD: two methods for peeking information using a stack of business cards.