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First published by Alex in 2008, with a foreword from Looch (author of 'The Black Project' and 'Simple and Direct Mentalism'), this book contains fifteen pieces of strong mentalism suitable for stage, close-up and more impromptu settings.

"You'd be very, very hard pressed to buy this book and not be able to take something of value from it"
– Paul Brook

"A book filled with very clever, useable and strong routines."
– Jerome Finley

Contents includes:

Swami Thing - a quick opening routine I use for Close Up performances, plus a variation from Looch.

The Ambitious Peek - a mind reading routine using nothing more than a stack of business cards, a pen and a common gimmick. It has been described as "...an innocent looking thing, very usable and workable, and also with great angles as it can be done practically surrounded."

Rub-A-Dub DD - My method for Close Up Drawing Duplications, described as "about as direct and fair as you can get" and again uses nothing more than a stack of business cards and a pen.

Philtrum - another simple ‘peek routine’ that allows you to actually read, not just glimpse, what someone has secretly written on the back of one of your business cards in a very fair and open way.

37th Deception - This is one of my pet routines and one that I almost always use in my stage shows. The effect is that you can appear to make the audience read the mind of a spectator on stage.

Tel. - a routine that allows you to divine any four digit number. The method is somewhat bold, maybe even cheeky but it is by no means high risk. If you are a fan of methods that just make you smile, you will love this.

Nine Bob Note - a serial number divination routine built around my gimmickless take on the classic Which Hand? Effect

Deck Head - My NOT memorized deck. You are seemingly able to 'subconsciously memorize' a shuffled pack of cards and prove it. You then take things further by teaching a spectator to do the same thing. No stooging and no PS.

Thief of Thoughts - My own handling, presentation, and marking system for Larry Beckerís classic Sneak Thief routine.

Love Hate - A mind reading effect that combines classic methodology with NLP Eye Cues in a safe and usable way.

Miser's Peek Wallet - A cheap and easy to use and make alternative to a peek wallet.